Dizzy Dahlias Floor Mat

This Toland Home Garden Standard Mat is a high-quality, brilliant and bold mat with which to decorate your home during any season of the year! This top quality mat design was created by Kate Larsson and was produced in the USA by the originator of Designer Mats, Toland Home Garden. Toland Home Garden Standard Indoor-Outdoor Designer Mats are low-profile to reduce the chance of blocking doors or causing visitors to trip and is approximately 18" tall x 30" wide. Standard mats are fade, mildew, and UV resistant, are backed with a rugged non-skid Durgan backing, topped with a polyester felt topping and to ensure a high-quality long lasting stand alone mat. Standard mats from Toland fit into all standard 18 x 30 inch mat holders and trays! These mats are constructed of 42% rubber, 38% latex, and 20% polyester.. 

Dizzy Dahlias Floor Mat
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